Enterprise Edition

Advanced collaboration and flexible deployment

An easy to use CI/CD engine without writing yaml file. Run CI/CD jobs via server, agents or Kubernetes cluster

Built-in package registry for Docker/NPM/Maven/NuGet/PyPi/RubyGems. The out-of-box integration of binary packages, CI/CD, code and issues makes information cross-reference a lot easier.

Search code by symbol, file, or regular expression in any commit

Symbol navigation in source and diff. Symbol outline in source view

Comment on any part of code or diff to start a lightweight review without opening pull request. Review comments live through code modification and even file rename to serve as documentation.

Annotate source or diff to help code review with information extracted from reports such as unit test, code coverage, and static analysis

Custom issue state and field to suite your workflow. Transit states either manually or automatically upon particular events

Open issues directly via email without having an account. Discuss issues without leaving your email

Specify pull request review policy based on author, branch, and changed files. Leverage git change history to suggest appropriate reviewers

Call command palette to jump to projects, files, issues, pull requests, builds, and various settings quickly from anywhere

Organize projects hierarchically so that child projects can inherit settings of parent project to reduce maintenance overhead

LDAP and Active Directory support for account and group membership management

Single Sign-On via OpenID protocol. Built-in support to sign in via GitHub/Discord/Twitch. Force two-factor authentication for groups or whole site

Set up cluster to distribute different projects to different servers for horizontal scaling. Replicate projects in cluster for high availability. No shared storage required. It is ultra easy to set up and maintain.

Customize dashboard to show most important information. Share dashboards with users or groups.

Search code by file, symbol or regular expression across all accessible projects, or specified projects.

Use time tracking to track project progress. Generate timesheets for work statistics or billing.

Open interactive web shell to debug running CI/CD jobs. Add instructions to pause CI/CD job, and resume it after diagnostics.

Use SendGrid as a mail service to send/receive emails

 Separate storage for Git LFS and artifacts


 Priority email support
 Tax (if applicable) not included in the price
 12 user months minimum for each order

Subscription period is calculated by dividing total user months with number of non-guest users in OneDev

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Support to use separate storage for Git LFS files and published artifacts for cost-effective consideration.

Priority email support with guaranteed response of two business days

Hybrid Edition(ALM)

ALM Tool Integration (JAMA, …)

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